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The American legal system is well known for its steadfast commitment to fairness and equality for all people facing charges, but even with that commitment understanding legal codes and interpreting them can be extremely difficult for even intelligent people. That’s why you need competent legal representation any time you’re involved with the legal system, never take the risk of going in alone, you may accidentally incriminate yourself or worse! One thing that we greatly support is that before sentencing a judge will generally ask the defendant questions pertaining to the quality of their defense team and if they’re happy with it. The 1963 the US Supreme Court case Gideon v. Wainwright held that the Sixth Amendment’s right to counsel provision requires the government to provide legal counsel to those that can’t afford their own defense in criminal cases. This is such a huge step towards equal and fair representation for all, it keeps the courts accountable while protecting the rights of the citizen.

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Traffic laws were designed not to be an annoyance to the driver, but to protect the driver from themselves as well as others on the road. Most people do all they can to drive safely, while a select few make horrible choices like driving drunk or not following speed limits. Nobody wants to get pulled over, and it’s honestly easy to avoid if you follow some simple rules. Make sure all lights and indicators on your car work, ensure your car is registered and up to date on that, and most importantly just follow all of the traffic laws. At Mast Law Firm, our traffic ticket law firm and attorneys can help protect you and in many instances, minimize any points that may be added to your Driving Record and Insurance Record. In North Carolina, your Driver’s License record typically allows you to accumulate up to twelve (12) points in a three (3) year period before a revocation, but a different set of points are associated with Insurance regulations which is associated with certain percentages in increases in your insurance. Your insurance company can inform you how much your insurance rates may increase.

Family law tends to be quite unpleasant for the most part, but it’s so common and necessary in today’s world. These days about half of American marriages end in divorce, so family law is practiced far and wide. From that to dealing with child custody and the death of family members, it’s all under the scope of family law. These types of things can easily take years to figure out and are all but impossible on your own. A professional lawyer can greatly speed up the process and make sure you’re not getting the short end of any stick. Family law even deals with things like adoption, of which the process can take years and tends of thousands of dollars, you want someone with more knowledge than you to be watching your back.

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Not having experienced legal representation with you during any legal situation is a disaster waiting to happen. Even if the police are just asking you questions, you certainly have the right to stay silent until your lawyer arrives. Anything you say can and will be used against you in court, your lawyer can keep you from mis-speaking or incriminating yourself by accident. The bond between client and lawyer is still sacred and respected fully, the things you tell your lawyer will simple never be repeated again. The next time you find yourself in litigation or legal trouble, you need to make sure you’ve got attorney Smithfield NC you can trust by your side.