COVID-19 Pandemic: A Year Later

A year ago the US began to implement shutdowns in order to protect citizens from Coronavirus. Looking back a year later in March 2021, we see the differences as masks continue to be worn and testing numbers decrease. Vaccines are being rolled out and different phases of vaccine-eligible groups are becoming immune to Coronavirus.

Introducing US COVID-19 Vaccines

The introduction of the first CO Vid 19 vaccines is a huge development in the coronavirus pandemic history. An efficient CO Vid 19 vaccine would help to protect individuals who come into contact with the disease by preventing the onset of illness. Because of this potential benefit, many countries around the world are planning to mass manufacture adequate amounts of this vaccine in order to create a sufficient level of defense. As more individuals are vaccinated, communities and families will be able to slowly return to a normal routine with fewer interruptions due to illness caused by the disease.

US Vaccine Development

The US National Institutes of Health is currently conducting clinical trials to test the safety and efficacy of this vaccine. If approved, the new version of the cornflower strain of coronavirus will give protection from all three of the main forms of the disease. The goal is to conduct clinical trials covering all three strains of the disease. With the additional power and knowledge that come with clinical trials, the US vaccine developers are optimistic about this promising new addition to the arsenal of treatments for this crippling disease.